Problem regarding input from a file

i have a file which has a single line of 53000 length and i am trying to take input from this file in logstash, but it is not happening. What may be the issue?

The line length could definitely be a problem, but there are other possibilities. What does your configuration look like?

The config file is as follows:


 file {

	path => "C:\Users\jpaunika\Programs\ELK\logstash-6.2.3\logstash-6.2.3\cuc.json"
	type => "json"
	sincedb_path =>"NUL"
	codec => json


elasticsearch {

	hosts => ["localhost:9200"]
	index => "jayesh"




How to solve this line length problem if that is the case?

If that indeed is the problem (your configuration looks okay) then it's a bug/limitation in Logstash or one of its plugins. Check GitHub for existing issues and file a new one if the search turned up empty.

okay thanks

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