Problem using timeout_timestamp_field in the aggregate filter


I'm trying to use the aggregate filter with a timeout based on a timestamp in the event.

In the filter, I have set
timeout_timestamp_field => "start"

When I run logstash, I get the error
undefined method 'time' for 1517443429.255:Float
at /lib/logstash/filters/aggregate.rb:438:in 'reference_timestamp'
That method is very short:
def reference_timestamp(event)
return (@timeout_timestamp_field) ? event.get(@timeout_timestamp_field).time :

1517443429.255 must be the value of start in the first event.


That's right. A float does not have a method called float. A Logstash::TimeStamp does. Try

date { match => [ "start", UNIX ] target => "start" }

before the aggreegate.


That worked! Thanks!

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