Problem with coding Grok filter

Hi there, I have this message
2017-05-01 08:09:19 [] ERROR: Error downloading <POST http://localhost:8050/render.html>

I want to write a grok filter to extract this part Error downloading <POST http://localhost:8050/render.html>

I coded this'ERROR': %{GREEDYDATA:error_msg} but it doesn't match, can you help?

@ibrahimsharaf It would be something like this:

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@ugosan How can I get only the ERROR messages? I don't want to get other loglevel messages such as DEBUG and INFO.

You can use:


and then inside grok filter, add the loglevel field, or either:

%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601} %{NOTSPACE} (?<Loglevel>ERROR): %{GREEDYDATA:error_msg}

The synthax with (? ) defines a field with < name > that match the regex pattern that follows. And a plain string is a also a regex.

With any of these pattern, you will only get messages with loglevel ERROR (case sensitive).

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@ibrahimsharaf Well if you tag your LOGLEVEL with a variable name, say loglevel like:

...then you might filter it out before sending it to elasticsearch like:

output {
      if [loglevel] == 'ERROR' {
             elasticsearch { 
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