Problem with logstash-filter-elasticsearch when connecting to SSL enabled ES cluster


I'm having serious issues when trying to query data from SSL enabled ES cluster.
By serious issues, I mean that I have tried different parameters, adding and removing protocol and port from hosts-array etc etc for hours now. No cigar.

My config looks like this:

    elasticsearch {
      ca_file => "/etc/logstash/ssl/ca.crt"
      fields => {
        "client_ip" => "client_ip"
        "client_mac" => "client_mac"
        "hostname" => "hostname"
      hosts => [ "" ]
      index => "company-dhcp-2017.12"
      query => "(client_ip:%{src_ip} AND (ID:10 OR ID:11)) OR (client_ip:%{dst_ip} AND (ID:10 OR ID:11))"
      ssl => true
      user => "user1"
      password => "hunter2"

It produces this error in log:
[logstash.filters.elasticsearch] New ElasticSearch filter client {:hosts=>[{:host=>"", :scheme=>"https"}]}
[logstash.filters.elasticsearch] Failed to query elasticsearch for previous event {:index=>"company-dhcp-2017.12", :query=>"(client_iplient_ip: AND (ID:10 OR ID:11)) OR (client_ip: AND (ID:10 OR ID:11))", :event=>blablablabla", :error=>#<URI::InvalidURIError: the scheme https does not accept registry part: (or bad hostname?)>}

I have tried:

All of those with and without port as suffix (:9200)

Only one combination produced different error:
With this host setting:
I managed to produce this error:

When looking at Elasticsearch logs, there are no messages relating to this traffic.

Hostname resolves correctly, both analyzer03 and (they are defined in /etc/hosts) and I can use curl to connect to the cluster just fine.

Any help would be appreciated!

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