Problem with logstash input kinesis plugin while reading data from the stream

Hi all..

I am trying to access kinesis stream i mean to read data from the stream

here is my conf

kinesis {
    application_name => "logstash"
    kinesis_stream_name => "apple"
    region => "xxxxxx"
    codec => "json"
 stdout { codec => rubydebug }

I am getting the below error...don't understand why is it so

Dec 15, 2017 5:45:48 PM call
SEVERE: Caught exception: StartingSequenceNumber 495788662778xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx used in GetShardIterator on shard shardId-000000000003 in stream apple under account xxxxxxxxxxx is invalid because it did not come from this stream. (Service: AmazonKinesis; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidArgumentException; Request ID: fe38e3xxxxxxxx)

please help me to overcome the above issue

Thank You.

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