Problem with Timezone

hi, I need help

the problem

I am using the logstash date filter, to assign the date from the log line, I need to use the timezone of my country Chile (America / Santiago) which is currently GMT-4, but when I review the data in kibana, @timestamp Figure as if it were timezone GTM-3

I know that @timestamp is stored in UTC and that the timezone in the date filter is only to calculate the date in UTC

example log line

The date in log line is "20170726|180922" equivalent to 2017-07-26 18:09:22

Date filter used
Match => ["time", "yyyyMMdd '|' HHmmss"]
Timezone => "America / Santiago"
Remove_field => "time"

note: The time field is valid example "20170726|180922"

I have reviewed:
Tz-data, tzdata-java, tzinfo-data updated to the latest version
Date and server timezone ok
Date and timezone of java ok
kibana timezone ok

I test on Server Rhel7.1, Ubuntu 16.04 and Docker

Kibana 5.5
Logstasth 5.5
Elasticsearch 5.5
Filebeat 5.5


I tried to use in logstash another timezone GTM-4 example (America / Aruba) which is GTM-4 and works fine, in kibana @timestamp is calculated with UTC-4

I do not know why the timezone America / Santiago logstash takes it as GTM-3, if it's America / Santiago is GTM-4 until the thirtieth of August

Match => ["time", "yyyyMMdd '|' 'HHmmss"]
Timezone => "America / Aruba"
Remove_field => "time"

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