Probleme with multiline

i just started working with Logstash, and i have a problem with multiline
i'm not able to cosiderate two line of log in one line, i passed two days to search in internt but i still blocked,
here is a part of my log file :
2018-02-18 00:00:26,340 [43] INFO ==> POST http://url:8080/3.6/
2018-02-18 00:00:26,371 [43] INFO <== [/LoginAsp] (31 ms) - from [Test] - Result : [200 - OK]

the firt line is client request the third line is server request, and i considere that 2 line is one log line,
i tried a lot of config but still now i dont have any result
can you please help my to resolve this problem ?
i'm sorry for my bad english
Thanks you !

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