Procedure to Instrument APM agent for ASP.Net based application


For the first time I am trying to instrument APM for ASP.NET application, would like to understand the Process to do this, from ELK documentation I could see we need to download the package from (, however after downloading it , I do not understand what steps we need to follow to install it on Windows OS ?

Second question is -

From docs I can see we need to enable auto instrumentation by including the ElasticApmModule IIS Module in your application’s web.config :

With this, How my agent knows whicch APM server it has to talk ?

If some one quickly summarizes what it takes to onboard ASP>net application it would be a great help for me

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Hi @mdamera ,

NuGet is the standard package manager for .NET applications, and the agent is shipped as a NuGet package. So you need to add the agent package to your application. Here is a doc from Microsoft on how to do it (it shows a different package, but it's a good source to understand NuGet). One prerequisite here is that you'll need to have access to the source code. We have a way to do it without recompiling, but that's only supported for .NET Core (from what you write I assume you are on the old .NET Framework) - docs on zero code change (.NET Core only) here.

How my agent knows whicch APM server it has to talk ?

You can look at this sample web.config file - similarly to those settings you can add ElasticApm:ServerUrl and set value=[Url to your server].

I hope this helps.

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