Processing order of * .conf files

Hello everybody. Well, sorry for my English.
How can i manage processing order of *.conf files?
So in other words i want to perform *.conf files in my order. Now i cant understand how logstash handle it.
For example I have 5 files.
1 - input
2 - filter1
3 - filter2
4 - output1
5 - output2
Can i do it in follow order?
1 - input
2 - output1
3 - filter1
4 - filter2
5 - output2

If you have multiple configuration files for a single pipeline then they are combined. Events are read from all of the outputs, sent through all of the filters, and every event is written to every output (unless you use conditionals).

There is no concept of order for inputs or output. Order certainly does matter for filters.

Ok, thank you for answer! it seems i understood what i need to do

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