Prometheus Decimal Quantiles

In Prometheus, it is valid to discuss quantiles like the 99.9th and 99th quantile, but the prometheus module of metricbeat attempts to create fields like:

"quantiles": {
"99": { ...}
, "99.9": {...}

"99" and "99.9" should be siblings, but they are interpreted as "99" and its child ".9". This creates an unable to merge mapping exception.

Prometheus exposes these values like "0.99" and "0.999" which are also a bit off when one considers how Elasticsearch interprets decimals in the name of a field.

So how should this be handled? Is this a confirmed new issue I should raise on github?

Same problem here. Happens when reading output from eclipse microprofile metrics endpoint.
So far I didn't even manage to prune those fields with logstash filter-prune plugin as it won't work with nested sub fields.

Any ideas would be helpful ...

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