Proper way to upgrade Metricbeat agent


Regarding upgrade of Metricbeat I have a few questions:

  1. Do I need every time to load Kibana dashboards when install new version of Metricbeat (Is this recommended action)?

  2. When doing upgrade from RPM package, is it ok to run install command on RPM package? I am using Ansible for this purpose.

  3. After upgrading from 6.2.4 Metricbeat to 6.3.0 version I have noticed that all files are changed except metricbeat.yml file what is ok for me because I don’t need to reconfigure again. This is not the case with file system.yml. So, I'm wondering is it safe to use file system.yml from 6.2.4 version in 6.3.0 version of Metricbeat?


Hi @mladen,

Find the answers to your questions inline.

It is recommended to run metricbeat setup for any version you use, this creates not only the newer dashboards that could be available, but also the field mapping for metricbeat indexes.

RPM is a valid installation method.

Yes, in principle it is safe to use the provided configuration files, and in general the behaviour doesn't change between versions. But to be sure, please check the release notes of the specific version you are upgrading to.
If you are using a configuration management tool like Ansible it can be also a good idea to manage with this the configuration files for the modules you are using.

Hi @jsoriano,

thank you for your answers. You help me a lot to understand the install process of Metricbeat.


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