Proxy_url on Logstash with x-pack

My Logstash is running behind a proxy server with all the logs successfully delivered to Elasticsearch Cloud. Now I'm trying to enable x-pack on logstash and looks like xpack is not following my proxy. Besides that I can't found any doc related to enable proxy on logstash with x-pack.

My es output
output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => ""
password => "xxxx"
user => "logstash_internal"
proxy => ""

I tried to set all possible variables to setup the proxy but it didn't work .

JRUBY_OPTS="-J-Dhttp.proxyHost=proxy.myhost.local -J-Dhttp.proxyPort=8080 -J-Dhttps.proxyHost=proxy.myhost.local -J-Dhttps.proxyPort=8080"
LS_JAVA_OPTS=" -Dhttp.proxyHost=proxy.myhost.local -Dhttp.proxyPort=8080 -Dhttps.proxyHost=proxy.myhost.local -Dhttps.proxyPort=8080"

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