Prune filter does not work with whitelist but it does with blacklist

Hello colleagues!

I am trying to use the prune filter with first level fields ( I know the problem with nested fields ) but I can't get it to work.

I have a json of 900 fields and I am interested in keeping only a few, I understand that the best option is the prune via whitelist however this does not work.

When I change whitelist to blacklist, logstash removes the fields I want to keep and ingest the rest.

When I set whitelist it doesn't create the index I want to send to, it's as if it drops everything.

What can cause blacklist to remove my fields of interest but whitelist does not keep them ?

filter example:

if [type] == "cloned" {
    prune {
      whitelist_names => [ "^msg$" , "uuid" ]

I would be very grateful for your help!
Thank you so much in advanced!

Have you solved this?
Can you show few field names? Is there any fields with similar names? E.g. time, time2, event_time?

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