Pubsub input plugin problem

Trying to use
I think I was able to configure all needed, but I am getting error saying:
[2016-11-15T15:01:36,802][ERROR][logstash.agent ] fetched an invalid config {:config=>"input {\n google-cloud-pubsub {\n project => "test-hbase-spark"\n keyfile => "/home/shushu/code/gcp/gcp/json"\n topic => "events-temp"\n subscription => "logstash"\n }\n}\noutput {\n elasticsearch {\n hosts => ["localhost:9200"]\n }\n}\n\n", :reason=>"undefined local variable or method `cloud' for #LogStash::Pipeline:0x2bbebf64"}

In addition, I am trying to make it work with logstash 5.0, which might cause other problems - but seems kinda backward compatible right now.

Any help would be appreciated.

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