Pulling logs stored in a database into Logstash

I have a Cassandra database in which we are storing information from Jenkins from build jobs. One of these fields contains the complete log file. I would like to be able to use Logstash to read these logs and search them using Elasticsearch. Is this possible?

Pulling from Cassandra?

One solution may be to use the jdbc input plugin with a JDBC compatibly CQL driver found here

I'll give it a try - I'll have to do some research on it

Hi Travis
were you able to get get succeed pulling data from Cassandra using jdbc input plugin . I'm looking for options to get data out from Cassandra and load it in to Elasticsearch .

Hi Travis, did you get chance to work on this ?? I'm working on the same and facing issues here is the link that i posted Logstash JDBC Plugin Cassandra Driver Not Loaded Error .
Any help is really appreciated .