Pulling logs stored in a database into Logstash

(Travis) #1

I have a Cassandra database in which we are storing information from Jenkins from build jobs. One of these fields contains the complete log file. I would like to be able to use Logstash to read these logs and search them using Elasticsearch. Is this possible?

(Tal Levy) #2

Pulling from Cassandra?

One solution may be to use the jdbc input plugin with a JDBC compatibly CQL driver found here

(Travis) #3

I'll give it a try - I'll have to do some research on it

(Vijay Dodla) #4

Hi Travis
were you able to get get succeed pulling data from Cassandra using jdbc input plugin . I'm looking for options to get data out from Cassandra and load it in to Elasticsearch .

(Vijay Dodla) #5

Hi Travis, did you get chance to work on this ?? I'm working on the same and facing issues here is the link that i posted Logstash JDBC Plugin Cassandra Driver Not Loaded Error .
Any help is really appreciated .

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