Pulsar connectivity

I need to store the output of logstash onto a pulsar topic. Looking at the documentation and other threads here, I couldn't find any leads on it. I could only get a git repo where we can use pulsar topic as an input to logstash.

Is there any way to use a pulsar topic as the output for logstash?

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What is a pulsar topic?

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Pulsar is an Apache pub-sub app. I doubt any existing output plugin would work.

There is a Java API from Apache, along with a couple of third-party Ruby client APIs that haven't been modified in years.

If my paycheck depended on making it work, I would have logstash write to kafka and then connect kafka to pulsar. An ugly hack, and a shop running pulsar could certainly have concerns about running kafka, but it saves writing an pulsar output plugin.

There may well be other systems for which there is both a logstash output and a pulsar source connector.


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