Pvc s should not deleted while deleting a cluster

While deleting a elasticsearch cluster, pvcs are also getting deleted. Is there any annotation that would remain pvc after deleting cluster?

What do you mean by PVC?

By default, operator creates persistent volume claims with a capacity of 1 Gi in each pod in an elasticsearch cluster to prevent data loss in case of accidental pod deletion. Persistent volume claim resources are getting deleted when deleting an elasticsearch cluster. Is there any option to preserve PVCs after deleting the cluster.

Is this using ECK?

I refer the following document

and tried with following command. But, still getting deleted
preservePvcOnDeletion: true

Ok, let me move this to the ECK category.

Hey @knagasri, thanks for your question. And thanks @warkolm for moving this to ECK.

The preservePvcOnDeletion: true that was mention in the issue was just discussed as an option, it's not something that's currently implemented.

While you can't preserve PVCs today, you can preserve PVs if the storage class being used has reclaimPolicy: Retain. I'm not sure if this is something you are looking for, but you can check a tool that we've created that allows to recreate a cluster based on already existing PVs.

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