Query Separate Pipeline for Logstash SNMP Input Hosts

I'm using the Logstash SNMP Input to query a large number of hosts (> 5,000). The list of host ip addresses changes frequently and requires us to regularly add and remove hosts to ensure our pipeline output is up-to-date. The snmp version and community is the same for all hosts.

A separate pipeline ('ip-addresses-pipeline') produces all of these dynamic ip addresses in a field called [ip-host].

In the SNMP input section of a separate Logstash pipeline, is it possible to query [ip-host] of 'ip-addresses-pipeline' for the regularly updated list of hosts to poll? Is this all possible using an environment variable or the Elasticsearch input (or something else)?

Thank you!

The snmp input converts the hosts option into an array of client_definitions as part of its register function. That is called once when the pipeline is started.

You could run a logstash instance with --config.reload.automatic and re-write the configuration file that contains the snmp input configuration. logstash would then reload the pipeline when it notices the configuration has changed.

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