Query Suggestion with Elasticsearch index engine

Can I use query suggestion with es index app search engine? I've tried to do this in Vuejs project, but I generated search UI from app search and query suggestion doesn't works.

Hey Rustin!

Couple questions:

  1. Which option did you choose here?

  2. Could you share a couple documents from your dataset so I could try to replicate the bug?

  1. I've tried using both. When I'm using App Search with Elasticsearch index, I can only get data from autocompleteResults field, but in App Search Engine I can get both Suggestion and autocompleteResults.
  2. Sorry, I can't really show my documents. Fields I'm trying to get suggestion is just normal text type.

Let's focus on the first case (App Search engine), since the second one is still in technical preview.

I'm a little confused. In the first message you mentioned that query suggestion doesn't work, and in the second - that it works in App Search.

Maybe you could share 1) the steps you're taking to replicate the bug, 2) expected result, 3) actual result you're seeing.

Sorry, when I created the post I forgot to set autocompleteSuggestions options in SearchDriver to true (using Elastic App Search engine), now I got the suggestions, but if I use Elasticsearch index as engine, no matter what I set as a searchterm. Nothing comes up in autocompleteSuggestions field in SearchDriver state.

No worries. I think this might not be implemented yet, since it's still in technical preview.

I wouldn't use this feature for production deployments yet, as it's still in active development and not everything is supported in the moment. I recommend going with the App Search engine for now.

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