Question about Cloudtrail ingest processor for file.path

We've noticed while using filebeat to process logs from Cloudtrail that for some reason the processor looks at the previous S3 object and are unsure of the reasoning behind it:

  - rename:
      field: "json.previousDigestS3Object"
      target_field: "file.path"
      ignore_failure: true


This is a bit counter-intuitive, as we initially thought that a field called file.path would contain the name of the current file instead of the previous file? Or is there something we are missing?

Hi @styks90 thanks for bringing this up! It does seem to be a bug to me. It should be looking at json/digestS3Object field instead. Do you mind creating a github issue in Beats repo or integrations repo for this? TIA!!

Hi @Kaiyan_Sheng , here's the link to the issue: Filebeat ingest processor for CloudTrail maps previous digest object · Issue #32609 · elastic/beats · GitHub, looks like it reached the right team already.

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