Question about filebeat 5.0.0-alpha trial

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I'm using filebeat version 5.0.0-alpha3 (amd64), libbeat 5.0.0-alpha3 for realtime log collection trial in following config:


  • input_type: log
    • /path/to/access.log.*

hosts: ["", ""]
loadbalance: true

Log record flow is forwarder(filebeat x 3) -> aggregator(td-agent x 2) -> serializer(td-agent x 2) -> file output.

Two questions are as follows:

  1. Most records arrive immediately, but very few record takes 1-2 hours. Can I shorten time by filebeat.yml setting?
  2. When does 5.0.0 become production release?

(ruflin) #2

With the td-agent are you referring to the fluentd agent? I'm not aware of the implementation they use so I would recommend to test if everything works as expected with Logstash itself first as this is what we test. I would recommend to update to alpha4 to make sure all the most recent fixes are included.

By default the scan_frequency is 10s in filebeat, so new records should be crawled latest after 10s. I would recommend you to have a look at the filebeat log file to see if there are some output issues in the logs which could explain the delays.

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