Question about pipelines.workers


I'm wondering, when a pipeline.workers is define either in logstash.yml and in pipelines.yml, which configuration is applied ?

I found out this setting was different in those 2 files.
My guess would be that the pipelines.yml overrides the pipeline.workers setting of logstash.yml but I'm not sure at all.

Thanks in advance.

The value of pipelines.yml takes precedence over the value from logstash.yml, the value in logstash.yml will be use if there is no value for a setting in pipelines.yml, this is in the documentation

The value of a setting that is not explicitly set in the pipelines.yml file will fall back to the default specified in the logstash.yml settings file.

So, if you set pipeline.workers in both, the value from pipelines.yml will be used, if you have multiple pipelines and one of them does not have the pipeline.workers setting, the logstash.yml value will be used.

Thank you very much for your clear and fast answer !

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