Question on filebeat + logstash log filename

Hello All,

I had a question regards on the filebeat + logstash, here is what I had been tested:

case1: filebeat (linux) + logstash (linux), when I tested to renaming the source(filebeat) log file name, and then udpated the contents of source log file, and then the newly renamed log file been immediately logged into logstash server.

case2: filebeat(Windows) + logstash(linux), tested same scenarios renaed the source file name, and then updated the contents of source file, but somehow the updated contents are still logged into the old name file at logstash server. Then when I wait for a while like estimate 5 minutes, then reupdated the source file contents, then the newly renamed file been logged into the logstash server with newly contents that I had been added.

note: My logstash server is same server. so I was wondering is there any configuration side that I'm missing on windows side (filebeat)? which caused this delay?


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