Question on filebeat multiline pattern

I am trying to get the logs from a legacy system into Elastic via Filebeat. Needless to say it is the so called "Log from Hell". Since it is a csv I am using grok to great relief.

There is one thing which is bothering me. The exceptions which are also getting dumped. This is one example

"2018/08/28 15:16:35.516","DEBUG","16","318219","Read","Data Fetching","121020","0","KKMR","","","(null)","",
"2018/08/28 15:16:56.464","ERROR","16","339166","Error","Data Fetching","141967","(null)","Failed to write value to JJMR","(null)","(null)","EER102","SMT.Errors.ModuleException: EER102-Failed to write value to UP for SetJTCCommand: R
   at SMT.Device\KalsJen.cs:line 1614
   at SMT.File.cs:line 30
   at SMT.SAMTStep.cs:line 39
   at SMT.Step.Simulator.Execute() in C:\JJSEN\SMT\Tips.cs:line 41

This is my filebeat input section for multiline.

   exclude_lines: ['^DATE']
   multiline.pattern: '^\"'
   multiline.negate: true
   multiline.match: after  

I am pushing the last field into exception field as below in grok.


However notice the last line, that naughty little double quote followed by the comma. The exception was dumped with a trailing newline. And I get error since the last double quote is not appended to the exception text.

Is it possible to include both strings not starting with " or starting with value ", both to be appended?

That way I will get an exception text which will be closed in double quotes. RIght now I get the exception string starting with " but not ending with one.

I am trying to create a multiline pattern for that but regex is not my strong point.

@pk.241011 CSV is a bit of a pain to work with so many exceptions with format and encoding, I wonder in that case if the ingest-csv plugin would be a good fit. It's not part of the official ingest node processors but its developed by a colleague.

Thanks for this one. Is it going to be a part of later release? Just wondering if it can keep up with the scale and has it been tested well. This is production enviroment I am dealing with here.

I am not sure about the scaling factor for the above ingest plugins, but are you running Logstash as part of your stack? If yes, Logstash has a csv filter which is part of the official release and will scale.

Thanks. Will try with logstash.

I don't know if the CSV processor will be part of the official release or not, you might want to create an issue on the CSV repository.

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