Queue is full after restarting the server

apm-server, logstash and elastic version: 7.5.1

Hi, after a server restart i keep getting this error:

ERROR   [request]       middleware/log_middleware.go:74 queue is full

the more I increase queue.mem.events the more I get this logs:

[request] middleware/log_middleware.go:76 request accepted
but eventually the errors come back, what this logs means?

Ive tried some changes in the apm-server.yml with no luck

  enabled: true
  hosts: [""]
  max_retries: 0
  bulk_max_size: 10000
  worker: 8
  timeout: 120

queue.mem.events: 80000
event_rate.limit: 100

using logstash output, apm-server is on docker

Have you checked the apm-server logs for any connection errors to logstash? It seems like it cannot reach the output, which then leads to a full queue.

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