RabbitMQ redeliveries metrics?

I notice that these used to be provided in the exchange metricset: https://github.com/elastic/beats/pull/6607/files/34b28f231537933ee1e0296393f6e726bc6d060d

But it appears they are not included as of 7.5.1. Is there a way to implement these?

Hi @IamaBase :slight_smile:

Sorry, when you say "these" what do you exactly mean? "exchanges" metricset has not suffer big changes recently so maybe it's something that has changed in your version of RabbitMQ. Which version of RabbitMQ are you using?


Sorry. I mean the metrics regarding redelivered messages. The RabbitMQ version is 3.6.10.

I am currently feeding them into our alert chain via DataDog. I can see metrics related to message redeliveries via /api/overview and /api/queues within the message_stats objects.

I think the DataDog Agent gets them here:

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