Read remote file using file input


I want to read a remote file using input plugin but I am not able to find how to read it.
Can you pls let me know if there is any way to read remote file through file or some other plugin.

PS: I do not want to install a separate logstash server on remote side to read the file.


I am using grok as well in filter file and need to apply same grok on the remote input file as well.So I am not sure if filebeat would work on this case or not

I would recommend installing Filebeat on the remote host and have it send the data to Logstash.

Just want to check what about the filters(added on filter.conf)file) which I have already configured on logstash. Would that filter work with the file I will process through filebeat.
Can I add the tags etc on that remote file through filebeat as well ?

Is there any sincedb like concept in file. In case my daemon goes down how I'll ensure it should read the file from last location

Any suggestion how we can allow filebeat to read the file from last read location instead of reading it from beginning incase we need to restart filebeat

filebeat will do that by default.

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