Read unstructured log file to extract certain values

Hi there,

I am newbie to logstash... trying to use to parse our dataloding log files, extraction certain values from the file and store it into a JSON formated out file. for example: below is a snippet of the text log file, where "...." refers to some other info i am not interested in. in this snippet i need to capture the following: how can i do this?

  1. "2" in 4th line which is # of records in file
  2. "2" that number loaded to temp
  3. "40" that number loaded to temp2

ignore all "...." text in between

/**** log file

No errors detected in compressed data of file/
file/xyz is a valid zip file.
Total counts for this file is
2 records was loaded into the temp table
40 records was loaded into the temp2 table



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