Reading the log file from the last read position

Hey i am working on data visulization using kibana.
So for that i am reading my log file using logstash but my problem is whenever i click on refresh button in kibana whole log file is read again. But i want to read the log file from the last read position that is i want to read the newely inserted records.

Need urgent help!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am attaching the code my config file below:


     type => "log"
     path =>"/home/dummy.log"
     start_position =>"beginning"
     sincedb_path => "/dev/null"


filter {

grok {
match => [


output {
elasticsearch {
host => "localhost"
index=> "dummy"
document_type => "dummy_sample"


This means that the full file will be reread every time Logstash restarts.

can u tell me the
sincedb_path => " "
In order to solve this issue

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