Recommendation or best practice for monitoring SystemD service state


I would like to generate an alert if a service is not running, but I can't see a straight forward way to do this.

I can monitor the process the service starts up, but I was curious if there was a good way to monitor a service itself?



Yes - Our observability solution should help you out. Elastic Observability - An open, extensible solution for DevOps teams | Elastic
Please take a look at uptime Synthetic Monitoring with Elastic Observability | Elastic


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For systemd metricbeat and filebeat would be more appropriate, Uptime is for monitoring network endpoints, including real browser based checks.

Thanks Andrew (Apologies I missed your reply).
We are using Metric to raise an alarm if no Documents are created for a process in a given time frame. There's probably a better way but it seems to do the trick.

Let me see if someone from the metrics team can help here, @rhodesjason any ideas?

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