Regex conditional not working

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Hey there guys!

I have a field with the following value:

parsed_alert_txt => "ORA-06000: at "SYS.DBMS_QOPATCH", line 777"

But this conditional doesn't seem to work, and I don't know why:

if [parsed_alert_txt] =~ /ORA-/ {
             mutate { add_tag => ["passed"] }

but it never tags the event, so I assume the regex conditional is not working. Can anyone help me?

(Walker) #2

Two suggestions...

I've had issues at times using [field] =~ value/regex, so try flipping it to "ORA-" in [parsed_alert_txt]

Second, define the regex just a little more clearly as ^ORA-.*. What you have I imagine should work but this is an alternative to try.

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