Regex kind of expression for path in logstash 2.4

logstash 2.4 getting used, Can pattern like path => ["/var/log/console/*console/sta/*console-*"]. Can be define in file input .. I doubt multiple * in one segment (e.g. *console-*) not supported. There are multiple file config with this kind of pattern getting used. and logs coming online for few files only. Is there also limit on how many files or throughput can go through logstash.

The File Input Plugin attempts to track all files that are matched by the provided glob pattern (which does support multiple wildcards), picking up new files matching the pattern as they show up and new lines as they are added to existing files. It has a number of settings to help you tune just how many files it needs to keep open, such as:

  • ignore_older, to prevent it from picking up files that have not been recently modified;
  • max_open_files, to prevent it from keeping too many file handles open at the same time;
  • close_older, to prevent it from keeping open file handles on files that haven't recently been modified; and
  • exclude, to explicitly exclude certain files that match the path pattern.
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