Reloading the translate dictionary path

I'm using the latest Logstash 2.4.0 version using the latest 3.0.1 version of the translate plugin.

I have the following configuration:

filter {
  translate {
    dictionary_path => "/dict/ip_to_plugin.yaml"
    field => "host"
    destination => "plugin"

the ip_to_plugin.yaml file is meant to be dynamic, I would like to be able to add/remove keys from it, however it seems that even when I send a SIGHUP to Logstash by executing kill -1 <pid> the dictionary file is not being reloaded. I can see in the Logstash logs that the SIGHUP was received but I also see that the keys are the same as they were when Logstash was initialized.

Any ideas how I can solve this?