Remove characters [0;37m , [0;33m and [0m from logstash output

Hello, after configuring my simple logstash.conf with input stdin and output stdout, I always get a duty output with

input :

output :
"host"←[0;37m => ←[0m←[0;33m"hostname"←[0m,
"message"←[0;37m => ←[0m←[0;33m"dhschggdsgg \r"←[0m,
"@version"←[0;37m => ←[0m←[0;33m"1"←[0m,
"@timestamp"←[0;37m => ←[0m2019-07-29T13:14:51.086Z


input {
stdin {

output {
codec => rubydebug

I just want to have something as output clean without [0;37m .. everywhere

can someone help me please ?

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