Remove dynamic nested field in JSON

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Hi ,

I have an input (JSON) like below:

// Sample input JSON doc

"TestCases": {
  "0": {
    "Verdict": "PASS",
    "tcId": 0,
    "NoOfFail": 0
  "1": {

Where number of test cases is not static and I want to remove field "NoOfFail" of each test case. I guess I cant use mutate as remove_filed requires a static filed value.
Can somebody help here.


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I have tried many stuff including Ruby filter like below

ruby {
code => "
if event.get('[doc][ExecutionData][TestCases]') != nil
event.get('[doc][ExecutionData][TestCases]').each_value { |url|
# event.get('[doc][ExecutionData][TestCases]').delete(url)
# url.delete('0')

But nothing works, Please help.

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