Remove field on logstash

I am receiving metricbeat data on logstash and I want to remove certain part of it.

how can I remove this
I try
mutate { remove_field => [ "[process][args]0","[process][args]1" ] }
mutate { remove_field => [ "[process][args][0]","[process][args][1]" ] }

but none of them works.
infact I did follow one of the link I found here to remove whole process.args but that didn't work either.

"process" => {
"args" => [
[0] "/usr/bin/perl",
[1] "/report/bin/"

Can you please return a valid json by getting a docuent in your elastic db ?

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oh well when I just try
mutate { remove_field => ["[process][args]"] }

it remove whole array and that is what I need it.

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