Remove setup directory agent old version


due to the wonderfull help inside this forum i come more and more into the system and i really like what i learn and see.

I had the problem that upgrade of the agent to 8.7.0 did not work like expected.

So i checked the forum and other sources.

I found out that i need to download the archive, extract and move it to the installed agent data directory.

Than i needed to rename it to elastic-agent-fc4a15. This seems to be the name for 8.7.0.
This info had been shown with elastic-agent upgrade --help.

Well - finally igot the update installed - just needed to call the running agent in the above directory with elastic-agent upgrade 8.7.0.

What i wonder is, if i can delete the "old" directory or even both of the install directories in the data folder?

on linux it is about 1G of data.

Any help with this?

Can i delete the directories in data after upgrading the agent?

... but - myabe i made a misstake.
Can it be that the upgrade 8.7.0 is only starting the upgrade from scratch?
i can see in the log that the source had been downloaded again?

well my thoughts were to complicated :wink:

The root problem was:

  • Agent update via fleet management failed.

The simple solution was:

  • go on the client
  • call elastic-agent upgrade 8.7.0
  • wait until finished
  • restart agent
  • wait for fleet to get the new version

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