Remove timezone/timestamp from my data field?

how can i delete the timezone/timestamp from my data field ?
i need it to get only : Disconnection Date Sep 16, 2020
not this !!
Disconnection Date Sep 16, 2020 @ 23:00:00.000
Activation Date Aug 13, 2019 @ 23:00:00.000

Where can you this?

i don't get u
i'm working on logstash / elasticsearch
it genrates the time wich i need to set a condition to remove in the collection phase
cuz it's causing me problems later in kibana (visualize)

I meant:

Where can you see this?

I don't understand. Do you have a practical example?

this code works fine
but i want to know what to add as a condition/filter to not add the time cuz its cuzing me problems

               separator => ","
               columns => ["Subscriber ID ",---,"Activation Date"]
		ruby {
                code => "
                        hash = event.to_hash
                        hash.each do |k,v|
                                if v == nil
	mutate {
			add_field => {"DATE"=> ["2020-01-03"]}
		date {
			match => [ "Service F-- Date", "YYYY-MM-dd" ]
		date {	
			match => [ "Supervision -- Date", "YYYY-MM-dd" ]
			target => "Supervision --  Date"
		date {
			match => [ "Account d-- Date", "YYYY-MM-dd" ]
			target => "Account d-- Date"
		date {
			match => [ "Activation Date", "YYYY-MM-dd" ]
			target => "Activation Date"

just to know , this is ligne of my data :


all the dates i have dosen't contain any time but elastic or logstash is adding the timezone or timestamp
so how can i set a condition to remove it ??

Just in case you'd prefer speak in french we have a forum #in-your-native-tongue:discussions-en-francais. :wink:

You can use the mutate filter to remove a field.

I believe that the @timestamp field is added by the input plugin you are using.

BTW, I moving your question to #logstash.

haha okay i'll try it (the frensh one ) :wink:

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