Removing prefix from field names

Hi, I have fields in Kibana such as fw.ip,, fw.test.old, and so on. I am trying to remove the "fw" prefix from all these fields using a Ruby filter in Logstash. Here's the code I'm using:

ruby {
  code => "
    event.to_hash.keys.each do |key|
      if key.start_with?('fw.')
        new_key = key.sub('fw.', '')
        event.set(new_key, event.get(key))

Unfortunately, this is not working. How can I remove the prefix "fw." from all fields using Ruby?

Thank you!

Hi @VirusProtect,

Are you getting a particular error from your Ruby code?

Is this a prefix or an object named fw with nested field? For example

This is a field with a dot in the name and the fw as a prefix

"{ "fw.ip": "" }

And this is json object named fw with a nested field named ip

"{ "fw": { "ip": "" } }

In kibana they will look the same in discover, you will only be able to know if it is a field with a prefix or a json object looking at the json tabe for the document.

Can you provide a sample of how your document looks like in Kibana looking at the json tab in the discover?

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