Rename strings field to nested field

Hello every body,
I want to parse the logs bellow

Apr 20 01:10:04 hostname sshproxy[150]: [SSH Session] session_id="56454646eaeazjajflen" client_ip="X.X.X.X" target_ip="X.X.X.X" user="X.X.X.X" device="X.X.X.X" service="SSH" account="XXX" type="KBD_INPUT" data="sudo -i"

The config file:

match => {"message" => "%{SYSLOGBASE2} %{GREEDYDATA:syslog_message}}
source => "syslog_message"
value_split => "=""
field_split => ""\s"

As output i had fields : (host, user,account, ...)
How can i convert the host field to [host][name], the user to [user][name] and account to [user][name]

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Use mutate+rename...

mutate {
    rename => {
        "[user]" => "[user][name]"
        "[host]" => "[host][name]"
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Hello badger,
Thank-you for your prompt response, after renaming the [host] with [host][name] I get the error bellow :

And for the second one [user] with the [user][name] I had the result


The mutate filter

Can you please help me to resolve those issues
Best regard

If you have indexed events where [host] is the hostname then you will need to switch to a new index if you want [host] to be an object with a [name] field inside it. A field on a document can be text or an object, but it cannot be one on some documents and the other on others.

Hello Badger,

Thanks for the reply, Is it possible to convert the [host] field from text to objet? if yes how i can do it?

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In elasticsearch if a field has already been mapped as text it cannot be changed to an object without re-indexing the data into a different index.

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Thanks Badger i will try to re-index the data to a different index

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