Renaming and repackaging beats

Am trying to repackaged renamed versions of eg. auditbeat and filebeat v.7.6.1 using the FPM utility.

But I find that most properly rpmbuild adds in symlinks under /usr/lib/.build-id to the binaries in such pacakges and since it seems that the hash ids from the beat wrappers /usr/share/*beat/bin/*beat-god are the same, this generates a conflict on the thus same build id symlinks :confused:

Any ideas to avoid rpmbuild including the build ids or howto generate unique for each wrapper?

PS! The reason behind repacking is that we're a hosting shop and we need/desire to avoid clashing with std. elastic packages used by our Tenants with our infrastructural usage for elastic beats, thus we'll like to be able to have multihomed beats installed on the same server.

adding these options to fpm did the trick:

--rpm-tag '%define _build_id_links none'
--rpm-tag '%undefine _missing_build_ids_terminate_build' 

thanks to info found here

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