Replace field with regex group match


How do I replace field with regex group match , see example below.

mutate {
            gsub => [                  
              "message",",\\\"(.+)\\\",",<Group 1 here ???>

My message is here, I am targetting that ,"FN WebFix.exe", :

<141>Nov 3 12:53:35 1,2016/11/03 12:53:35,001901000999,THREAT,file,1,2016/11/03 12:53:35,,,,,from REPVPN and SSLVPN,wm\\mo.admin,,ms-ds-smb,vsys1,app,rep,ae1.20,ae2.192,LF-elk,2016/11/03 12:53:35,33891243,1,445,53368,0,0,0x0,tcp,alert,\"FN WebFix.exe\",Microsoft PE File(52060),any,low,server-to-client,5210010,0x0,,,0,,0,,,0,,,,,,,,0,38,0,0,0,PROD,MR-DC1-PFWP02,

You could a) use a grok filter or b) use gsub twice (once to remove the leading quote and once to remove the trailing quote).

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