Replace my \r\n with a new line using mutate gsub

Hi All

I have a csv data in this format

"message" : "value1,value2,value3\r\nvalue4,value5,value6"

My expected result is

"message" : "value1,value2,value3

I have tried mutate gsub, but it does not work

 mutate { gsub => [ 'message', '\r\n', '
'] }

It gives me again same \n. how to make this work?
Finally i want to use csv filter and convert everything to json. But csv filter should have new line data


What are you using to view the result? If you use rubydebug then a literal newline character will be displayed as \n, not as a newline. The same is true of some other tools.

Hi @Badger thanks for your reply. With rubydebug i get value as \\n
There is double backslash and this is not working with csv filter

Do you actually have \r\n in your message or just \n? Perhaps you need

mutate { gsub => [ 'message', '[\r\n]', '
'] }

Hi @Badger .This didn't work, after applying csv filter it reads only the last record/last line.Do you have any idea why it is reading only one line

I have csv data with 50K records. So i do not want to use split filter as well. Because split filter takes lot of time
If this works i can straight use csv filter

Hi @Badger i think its doing correct replacement of gsub, but somehow it reads only one line with csv filter. How can we fix this?

If you use

output { stdout { codec => rubydebug } }

what does an event look like?

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