Replace the empty fields in csv

While ingesting data (which include 20+ columns in csv), it throwing an error while creating pipeline to solve this I convert the file in .txt and ingest. It did well, though certain columns information overlap or exchanged with other.

I am suspecting it happen because of empty fields in the data.

How can I replace the empty fields ?

Please give concrete examples instead. What does your input file look like? What does your configuration look like? How does Logstash parse it? Use a stdout { codec => rubydebug } output.

My Logstash config file....

input {
      file {
        path => "C:\Users\1480587\Documents\Chander\Elastic\Data\Inc_Details.txt"
        start_position => "beginning"
        sincedb_path => "nul"

    	mutate {
    		gsub => ["[message]", "\s", "0"]
    	csv {
     	separator => ","
    	#skip_empty_columns => true
    	mutate {convert => ["Month", "integer"]}
    	mutate {convert => ["Quarter", "integer"]}
      	mutate {convert => ["Year", "integer"]}
      	mutate {convert => ["INCIDENT_ID", "integer"]}
      	mutate {convert => ["REQ_ID", "integer"]}
      	mutate {convert => ["SLA_RESUME_MIN", "integer"]}

    	elasticsearch {
        hosts => "localhost"
        index => "reports"
        #document_type => "Inc Test"
        path => "C:\Users\1480587\Documents\Chander\Elastic\Data\H-Out.csv"
        codec => line { format => "custom format: %{message}"}
    	codec => rubydebug

Please answer the remainder of my questions.

Objective:- Ingest the data in LS to derive the metrics and dashboards.
// Below is my input in .csv, which I am convering from excel to csv.
//Logstash is parsing message and converting removing all "whitespace", followed by assigning right unit (integer etc.) and creating an output file to view.

    |May|Q2|2017|INC000004412614|REQ000006101332|India|eBBS|GBL-ISCI-DETICA-CDD|Closed|Automated Resolution Reported|Infrastructure Event|Low|4-Low|3-Moderate/Limited|External Escalation|5/1/2017 0:23|5/1/2017 0:23|5/1/2017 5:46|5/16/2017 2:21|5/16/2017 2:00|5/1/2017 0:23|APPLICATION|DETICA-TS|Data Extract/Report Related query|

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