Replace the kibana logo?

(Felix Stürmer) #30

The logo is scaled to 140x50px:


Hi all,

Has anyone been able to change the logo image on the top left hand corner in Kibana 5.4.0 yet?

I haven't had any success by following the instructions mentioned above.


Kibana custom logo replace change
(Dayanand Gowda) #32

You can change it by replacing the file "0cebf3d61338c454670b1c5bdf5d6d8d.svg" present under the directory "/usr/share/kibana/optimize/bundles/".Images with png extension works as well.Refreshing the browser alone is sufficient. Tested on ESv5.4


Thanks mate... worked like a charm!

(Tat Dat Pham) #34

i prefer change in source, becasue if u replace logon in optimize bundles, when u install or remove, i need replace logo again.

If u want change logo from source, u need edit file

[kibana directory]/src/ui/views/chrome.jade

Find class


u can see this line

background-image: url("here_is_image_base_64.");

U need convert ur logo to base 64 and rplace content


Like as the solution from Tat Dat Pham,

you can also modify [kibana directory]/src/ui/views/ ui_app.jade

At the line 96: | Loading MY fancy statistics
for edditing you own loading dashboard text

At line 107: include your own style file bundleFile('');

it would look like this:
var files = [ bundleFile(''),
bundleFile('#{}.style.css'), bundleFile('commons.bundle.js'), bundleFile('#{}.bundle.js') ];

and in the path Daya mentioned


include your file.

In your own CSS file you can override every Style you want like

.global-nav .logo-small.kibana, .global-nav .logo.kibana { background-color:#333333; /* override the pink background */ background-image: url(MY_Logo.svg); /* replace kibana Logo */ }
So there is no need to remove any kibana's original files, for your content.

When you modified the .jade files you need to restart elastic search.

After that you can edit your file and simply reload your browser window for styling changes.

In kibana 5.6.x how to change the ico in top left
(Cinnamon Jale) #36

Thanks for all reponses. I appreciated:)

( #37

I like this technique, but when kibana re-optimizes for whatever reason, the new files go away. Where should the and MY_Logo.svg files be put in the kibana/src folder so that they get copied into optimize/bundles during the bundle process?

( #38

Speaking of color changes, where should I look to change the color of the pink loading bar that appears at the top of the page?

(Ravi) #39

28 AM

Able change logo and colour

(Ravi) #40

vi /usr/share/kibana/optimize/bundles/

(Jeremy Searls) #41

I just did this with Kibana 5.5, the file I changed was at:


I imported my .svg and renamed it to match the existing kibana.svg

After changing it, I bounced Kibana, but no luck.

To get the image to appear I had to force the JS to recompile, meaning I had to install a plugin.

I chose this plugin, once the plugin was installed, I restarted Kibana, and my .svg was there!


I tried this and the loading logo changed instead of the logo on the left hand upper corner of the dashboard. Any idea why this could be happening? I'm using version 5.6

(Tushar Balasaheb Kardile) #43

I guess the Kibana executable need to be re-bundled/re-optimized after changes. Any idea how this can be acheived?

(Mayura Adya) #44

There's no such file in the 5.6.2 verison

(Mayura Adya) #45

Go to the file : kibana-5.6.2/optimize/bundles/
search - logo.kibana
you will see a url in it . delete that url and replace it with your URL

(Tushar Balasaheb Kardile) #46

You can also write a kibana plugin and introduce a 'hack' to override the default CSS.
This will help you in maintenance as well as version upgrades.

(radi) #47

it's work for version 5.4 with instruction of @dedebe

(radi) #48

hello @LeeDr
in your comment :
"Then I stopped Kibana again, deleted everything from the optimize directory, started Kibana, waited for Optimizing to finish, refreshed my browser, and saw the modified image."

I'm confused between build and start!
when I need to use the build after add modification ( for information i use open source kibana 5.4)?
and when i need to use just npm strat after modification ?
Can you explain this to me, please?



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I was able to do it with kibana5.x and 6.x