Replace the kibana logo?

I tried this and the loading logo changed instead of the logo on the left hand upper corner of the dashboard. Any idea why this could be happening? I'm using version 5.6

I guess the Kibana executable need to be re-bundled/re-optimized after changes. Any idea how this can be acheived?

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There's no such file in the 5.6.2 verison

Go to the file : kibana-5.6.2/optimize/bundles/
search - logo.kibana
you will see a url in it . delete that url and replace it with your URL

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You can also write a kibana plugin and introduce a 'hack' to override the default CSS.
This will help you in maintenance as well as version upgrades.

it's work for version 5.4 with instruction of @dedebe

hello @LeeDr
in your comment :
"Then I stopped Kibana again, deleted everything from the optimize directory, started Kibana, waited for Optimizing to finish, refreshed my browser, and saw the modified image."

I'm confused between build and start!
when I need to use the build after add modification ( for information i use open source kibana 5.4)?
and when i need to use just npm strat after modification ?
Can you explain this to me, please?


Kibana custom logo replace change - Kibana - Discuss the Elastic Stack

I was able to do it with kibana5.x and 6.x

Did anyone try with 6.1.3 ?

Shouldn't be any different on 6.1.3 as well. Try it and let us know .


Hey Guys!

Thank you for all your suggestions! I've done this using Ansible 2.5.0 and Kibana 6.2.3 and worked like a charm.

Here are the important bits, using an Ansible role:



kibana_path: '/usr/share/kibana'



.global-nav .logo-small.kibana,
.global-nav .logo.kibana {
    /* background-color: #333333; */
    /* override the background */
    background-image: url(__REPLACE_WITH_PUBLIC_PATH__custom_logo.svg);
    /* replace kibana Logo */




- name: Restart kibana
    name: kibana
    state:  restarted



- name: Kibana | Custom Logo 1/2 | Copy files
    src: "{{ item }}"
    dest: "{{ kibana_path }}/optimize/bundles"
    owner: kibana
    group: kibana
    mode: 0775
    - kibana/*

- name: Kibana | Custom Logo 2/2 | Add CSS config
    path: "{{ kibana_path }}/src/ui/ui_render/views/ui_app.jade"
    regexp: ""
    insertafter: ""
    line: "        bundleFile(''),"
    backup: yes
    state: present
    - Restart kibana


In Kibana 5.6.2 we do not have the "images" folder under "public".
Can anyone please help on the same?


Tested on 5.6.2 and it didn't work. Any help?

Hi, did you try with Kibana v7.6.0 ? Any help

Also searching help for changing Logo in Version 7.6....

The Kibana logo for 7.6.0 is create in <kibana-home>/node_modules/@kbn/ui-shared-deps/target/icon.logo_kibana-js.js.

FYI for anyone needing it, I did this for 7.6.2.. Logo change

the file is at '/usr/share/kibana/src/ui/public/images' it's develop path, not produce path.


Hey Tim,

I'm Trying to change the logo for the loading page and nav bar in kibana 7.11.
can you please help me out in this