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As we are now collecting access logs of our Checkpoint Firewalls, we are facing the issue of horrible inconsistent key values (so the name of the keys itself :wink: ). They are formated in different ways but I was able to get them into a consistent format whith logstash but there is still one issue: Some keys have a whitespace INSIDE the key name.
I need a way to replace whitespaces inside key names with underscores. It seems like the trim_key option inside the kv filter was able to do this in an earlier version, but someone thought it's not a good idea - see:

Unfortunately what the "trim_key" option did in earlier kv filter version is exactly what i would need now. Anyone have an idea how I can accomplish this?

I guess you could use the mutate filter to rename the field in multiple steps.

  1. Extract field name to a new temporary field (add_field)
  2. Use regex matching to remove white spaces (sub?)
  3. Rename field to new name (rename)

However I guess if the field name is unknown that would be more tricky.

Well that is something I am already doing > Just renaming the key via mutate. So for example "destination dns hostname" becomes "destination_dns_hostname".

But as you have said that is only working if you know the names of all keys. As I'm using kv filter I do not know all key names in advance. New keys can popup everytime so maintaining a "list" is not really a way which scales.

If you only need to get the field consistent (because whitespace use varies), you could also remove the whitespaces altogether with the remove_char_key option in your kv filter:

Contrary to trim option, all characters are removed from the key, whatever their position.

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gnah sorry! I did not saw this in the documentation :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face:

Thank you!

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