Replacing cluster level objects (e.g. ClusterRole)

I want to deploy ECK to our internal Kubernetes cluster. The issue I ran into is that ECK uses cluster level objects like ClusterRole, and I am not able to deploy those - we use Nirmata for cluster management, and each app gets a namespace within which an app can be deployed, no cluster level access for deployments. Basically, I need to make sure anything that's deployed by crd.yaml and operator.yaml is namespaced to my app namespace, and no cluster level objects should be deployed.
Any recommendations for an approach to take changing crd.yaml? I am concerned about it as it will break upgradeability of ECK if I need to upgrade it in the future with a newer version. Any ideas are highly appreciated!

Hey @AndreyL, thanks for your question.

As for the contents of operator.yaml, it is possible to use only namespaced resources. You can see installation and Helm docs for more details.

crds.yaml contents, on the other hand, are CRDs and as cluster-wide resources don't offer any namespace variant. Hope this helps.


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