Response Console Upload "Action Fails" - failed to save file to disk or validate its integrity

Elastic Security Endpoint: When uploading a file via "Response Console," a small "text" file upload succeeds, but upload of any sizeable file (8 MB PDF, 5 MB zip, 8 MB executable) all fail with " failed to saver file to disk or validate its integrity." Endpoint Logs indicate a "download: hash mismatch."

I've tested several different files, different file types, "overwrite," disabling Defender on the endpoint, compressing files into Zip. The same error occurs.

Thank you for reporting this. I confirmed the bug on 8.11.3 (just had this version at hand). We're going to find the buggy component.

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Thank you, lesio!

Just keeping the thread alive. Thank you again, lesio!

The bug was found and a fix is in progress.

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...keep alive...

The fix was merged, it will be in 8.13.0.

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