Reverse field hashed with fingerprint


I've some questions about the "fingerprint" module of Logstash.
After some tests, I've noticed few things:

  • "key" parameter mandatory, but the documentation says not
  • As per the "key" is mandatory, the hashed field can't be reversed

So, here are the questions:

  • Is it possible to use the fingerprint plugin without key?
  • Is there a way to reverse a hashed field?

Thank you all for your feedbacks!

The cryptographic hash functions do require a key, but others do not which is why it is not listed as required. Hashes are designed to not be reversible so the answer to that question is no. It sounds like you want to rather encrypt fields, which is not supported by the fingerprint module.

Thank for your quick reply.

So, I've to check another way to modify my field.

Thank you for your explanation.

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